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Company news about Why choose aluminum gazebo

Why choose aluminum gazebo


Latest company news about Why choose aluminum gazebo

Aluminum gazebo has many functions. In the hot summer, it can be a good place for more people to escape from the heat. Aluminum pavilion has the functions of shading, sheltering from wind and rain, and beautifying landscape architecture.

Advantages of aluminum pavilion

latest company news about Why choose aluminum gazebo  0

1. Waterproof and moisture-proof advantage

Traditional wooden materials are easy to rot, swell, deform and damage in the humid environment. Aluminum alloy material solves this problem very well. Aluminum alloy itself is a strong corrosion-resistant building material, and the surface treatment technology gives aluminum alloy an extra protective coat, so in the humid environment, aluminum alloy is very strong in water and moisture resistance.

2. Anti-moth advantage

Wooden material is easy to provoke termites and has a limited service life, but aluminum alloy is a metal product, which can completely eliminate insect disturbance and has a service life of up to 50 years.

3. Maintenance advantage

Aluminum alloy gazebo and grapevine are not cracked, not swollen, not deformed, no need for repair and maintenance, easy to clean, save the cost of maintenance and repair later.

4. Appearance advantage

The production process makes aluminum alloy colorful and full of personalization, and all kinds of home decoration styles can be satisfied. Meanwhile, the plasticity of aluminum alloy is very strong, which can be simple modern wind, fashionable simple European wind, and simple ancient wind and ancient emblematic wind. And the processability is very good, it can be sawed, stapled, bent, straight, drilled, rounded and squared, and can make various shapes that cannot be made by wood products.

5. Fire prevention advantage

Wooden gazebo is easy to be lost by fire, while aluminum alloy material completely solves the problem that wooden products are easy to burn and there are safety hazards, and it is a safe home decoration product.

6. Environmental protection advantage

Aluminum is a material easily available on the earth, from mining, using processing, to elimination, the whole process has no pollution to the environment, and will not cause any damage to human health. Aluminum alloy products can be recycled repeatedly, in line with the current "green" requirements of the times.

7. Corrosion resistance advantage

Aluminum alloy reacts with oxygen in the air to generate a protective film of corrosion resistance - aluminum oxide, plus aluminum alloy gazebo after qualified baking paint process, will also protect the surface from erosion, even in the harsher areas of the environment can also be used for a long time.

8. Safety advantage

Strength titanium-magnesium aluminum alloy material, can resist the impact of external forces, do not break, do not collapse, do not collapse, safety performance is very high.

9.Application advantages

The aluminum alloy gazebo produced by wood grain aluminum profile has strong applicability and can be adapted to various indoor and outdoor occasions.

10. Installation advantages

The installation of aluminum pavilion is simple and convenient, no complicated construction process is needed, saving installation time and cost.

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